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A$ap Rocky Celebrates Debut Album on ‘Angels Pt. 2’ Music Video

While the world awaits A$ap Rocky’s forthcoming fourth studio album, the legendary Harlem, New York-born emcee and Hip-Hop collective A$ap Mob’s bossman has released the visuals for ‘Angels’ – the fifteenth rap record on his debut LP ‘Long Live A$ap’. Titled ‘Angels Pt. 2’, the album features the latest footage next to unreleased scenes which date back over ten years from when Rocky’s groundbreaking record was released.

Notably, ‘Angels’ is one of the very few self-reflective records on the LP which portray his life before the iconic LP including his violent and drug-filled childhood. The Amsterdam-produced single clocks in at just short of four minutes and is considered as one of the most influential records by ‘Lord Pretty Flacko’.

“They call me Young Drug Dealer
They call me Young Thug N****
24 karats my slugs glitter
24 years old worth a couple million
Shouts out to my cuz n*****
Finna let it fly for my blood n*****
Middle finger up to you fuck n*****
If you a trill n**** then f*** with us
Nigga dash like a speed of a bullet
With a pistol on him, probably wouldn’t even pull it
Heart made of pudding
Meanmuggin’ with a hoodie
Like, what’s goodie?
Tryin’ to be the m********** that you couldn’t knowin’ you
Down to let it fly when I shouldn’t,”
A$ap Rocky raps on the record.

Watch the ‘Angels Pt. 2’ music video by A$ap Rocky here.

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Listen to A$ap Rocky’s Debut LP ‘Long Live A$ap’ here if you haven’t yet.