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Ahead of Massive Delhi-NCR Live Set This Week, Seedhe Maut Gives The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem & Drake Their Flowers

Photo: Rishabh Wala

Amidst rising anticipation for their forthcoming live set in Delhi-NCR, Delhi’s rap heavy-hitters Seedhe Maut sat down with Lifted Asia magazine and delved deeper into their forthcoming music, Indian superproducer Sez On The Beat and their major influences in rap music.

The marquee rap trailblazers, who continue to drop back-to-back visual cuts from their massive mixtape “Lunch Break”, gave legendary rappers The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and Drake their flowers.

Amidst the sprawling interview, Seedhe Maut revealed that “there are many to list” and as rappers, they “enjoy the tension and the nervousness of Hip Hop” and use it to ‘fuel themselves on stage’.

The conversation arrives amidst Seedhe Maut performing alongside their frequent collaborator Raga, Bella, and Indian rap royalties Divine & Kr$na this week in Delhi-NCR.

Reportedly, the flagrant rappers are slated to headline “The Great Indian Sneaker Festival”. In fact, Seedhe Maut and Kr$na linked up on “Hola Amigo” & its hard-hitting visual cut from the Kalamkaar affiliate’s “FAR FROM OVER” EP in October.

Last week, Seedhe Maut premiered the 8th music video from their mixtape. Titled “Dikkat”, the visual cut served as the follow-up to the “Brand New” music video from the project and was preceded by “I Don’t Miss That Life”, “Khatta Flow”, “Joint in The Booth”, “Taakat”“11K and “W” visual treatments.

The rappers are further gearing up to drop their forthcoming album “Kavi Kehna Chahte Hai”. The album, which was first confirmed by Encore ABJ in May this year, is slated to arrive next year and will serve as the follow-up to “Nayaab” LP.

Look out for Seedhe Maut’s 3rd rap LP “Kavi Kehna Chahte Hai”.

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Since you’re here, stream Seedhe Maut’s breakthrough debut album ‘Bayaan’ via Spotify.