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After Massive Recognition With ‘Gaddi Red Challenger’, Punjabi Emcee Babbulicious Announces Second Single ‘Gucci Chick’

Punjabi Hip-Hop and Pop’s rising emcee and filmmaker Babbulicious is gearing up for his new single “Gucci Chick”. The Punjabi singer, who made his breakthrough with debut single “Gaddi Red Challenger”, took to social media to preview his sophomore record.

In a humourous clip, Babbu can be seen singing Gucci Chick’s hook in a Gucci store. “Do support my new track Gucci Chick. Thank you,” the singer said. Check it out here via Instagram.

Last year, Babbulicious, born Babbu Singh, made his breakthrough with a groovy single “Gaddi Red Challenger” with J-Statik. A classic Punjabi bass record, the production drew heavy influences from Punjabi folk and pop and turned the singer into a well-known figure across Brampton.

While his debut single was released in November last year, Babbulicious has often discussed the influence of rap music on his career much before that. In June 2019, Babbu talked about how Jay-Z drove him to pursue a career in music. 30 at the time, the emcee said that he ‘can either be like Lil Wayne and retire at its peak by 30 or be like Jay-Z and keep growing his career no matter his age’ in a conversation with ‘we are sikhs.

Look out for ‘Gucci Chick’ by Babbulicious.

Listen to Babbulicious’ debut single “Haddi Red Challenger” here via Spotify.