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‘Ask Kr$na, Divine & Seedhe Maut Who I Am’: Talha Anjum Disses Mumbai Rapper Naezy On ‘Kaun Talha’ Single, Prod. By Umair

Photo: Instagram/Talha Anjum

Karachi rap royalty Talha Anjum & Bombay’s veteran emcee Naezy have released flagrant diss tracks aimed against each other. The infamous rap feud, which began with Naezy claiming to be unaware of the Urdu rap superstar, has catapulted into back-to-back diss records by the “Gully Boy” and Anjum.

Last night, Anjum joined forces with “Rockstar Without A Guitar” producer Umair on “Kaun Talha”, or “Who Talha”.

Across the fiery rap single, Anjum reminds Naezy about his top-tier stature in South Asian rap music and tells him to ask Indian rap pioneers Divine & Kr$na and breakthrough Delhi rappers Seedhe Maut about “Who is Talha?”.

Anjum further asserts that Naezy must stop the gimmicks” unless “he wants to get his a– shot” in Mumbai.

Notably, Naezy has responded to Anjum with “Kya Be Shaane?”. While the track title hints at a provocation, the single calls for “unity”.

This song is about unity! Using foul language in songs is childish and annoying. It shows which family you’re coming from and what surroundings you have! This is not a diss track! Don’t spread hate!,” Naezy says.

Check out the exclusive “Kaun Talha” and “Kya Be Shaane?” artworks shared by Talha Anjum & Naezy via Instagram below.

Listen to the incendiary diss records here.

Recently, Kr$na took shots at Shubh & other Punjabi singers and accused them of garnering fraudulent “street cred” by hiring Mexican gangsters for pretentious music videos.

Punjabi music videos and Mexican gangsters for hire go hand in hand these days… put a couple tatted up cholos in your video and maybe that street cred rubs off on you,” Kr$na said via Instagram at the time.

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Since you’re here, stream Naezy’s latest EP ‘Anti-Fitna’ via Spotify.