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Breaking: 2 Songs From Drake’s Upcoming Album ‘For All The Dogs’ Leak Online

Amidst high anticipation for Drake’s 8th studio album “For All The Dogs” have reportedly leaked online. The records, titled “Tried Our Best” and “I’m the Problem”, are originally slated to appear on Drizzy’s new album, confirmed in its report.

In fact, the rap outlet has further confirmed that at least 7 unreleased Drake records have “surfaced online.” Besides “Tried Our Best” and “I’m The Problem”, two “Lose You” demos, “416” featuring Big Sean, “Yves Slatt Laurent” and “Calling My Name (Original Version)” has leaked too.

In January this year, the Boy’s unreleased verse on Metro Boomin’s “Trance” surfaced online as well. Boomin himself followed it up with Knife Talk’s original version at the time.

As reported earlier, Drake is gearing up for his 8th studio album “For All The Dogs”. Announced on June 25, the “Search & Rescue” emcee announced the album alongside his debut poetry book “Titles Ruin Everything – A Stream of Consciousness”.

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Check out Drake’s leaked rap records from “For All The Dogs” here via Soundcloud.

“For All The Dogs” isn’t the only rap record that fans have been waiting to hear. In April, Drake premiered “At The Gates” with Lil Uzi Vert within hours after releasing “Search & Rescue”.

Produced by Metro Boomin, who most recently executive-produced “Business Is Business” by Young Thug in “just two weeks”, the record was first previewed on SiriusXM Radio’s Sound42.

Drake is yet to release the record.

Look out for the “For All The Dogs” rap album by Drake this year.

Stream Drake’s most recent single ‘Search & Rescue’ here via Spotify.