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Death Row Records Founder & Fallen Hip-Hop Mogul Suge Knight Launches New Rap Podcast ‘Collect Calls’ From Jail

Photo: Pinterest

Death Row Records founder and Hip-Hop Mogul Suge Knight, born Marion Hugh “Suge” Knight Jr., has finally premiered the first episode of his debut rap podcast “Collect Calls” from prison.

The influential rap figure, who continues to serve 28 years for a Los Angeles killing in 2015 at San Diego correctional facility, joins Dave Mays for the shocking podcast series during which Knight will “lay to rest the many rumors and lies that he denies completely.” 

Suge’s honesty, vulnerability and current state of mind will all be heard in this groundbreaking podcast series, along with the wisdom and charisma that made him one of Hip-hop’s most powerful and influential business executives of all time. Collect Call will take its audience on a fascinating journey that will reveal the truth, tell incredible never-before-heard stories, and seek to inspire, educate and empower the new generation of hip-hop fans worldwide,” writes Breakbeat Media, the official publisher of the groundbreaking podcast series, on Spotify.

On the first epidosde of “Collect Calls With Suge Knight”, the fallen mogul “address a slew of characters like Mob James, Akon, Wack 100, Michael “Harry O” Harris & even Snoop Dogg”.

Earlier this month, Suge Knight stirred far-reaching conversations around Tupac Shakur‘s controversial murder over 27 years ago.

Amidst an unprecedented breakthrough in Shakur’s murder which involved the arrest of Compton Crips member Keefe D, Knight asserted that Tupac Shakur was killed by someone else and perhaps not by Keefe D and former Compton Crip “Baby Lane” Anderson – the prime accused in Shakur’s fatal murder.

Check out the first episode of “Collect Calls With Suge Knight” below.