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Breaking: Indian Rap Superstar MC Stan Announces Second Massive Single ‘911 Porsche’ From Forthcoming Album ‘Mehfeel’

Photo: MC Stan

Indian rapper & record producer MC Stan, born Altaf Shaikh, has announced the sophomore single from his third studio album “Mehfeel”. Titled “911 Porsche”, the single is set to release this summer and arrives amidst soaring anticipation for the “Numb” rapper’s forthcoming project.

While Stan is yet to reveal any further details about the massive single, the “Meri Zindagi Rap Se Pan Deep Hai” made the major announcement alongside a slew of photographs and shared the track’s exclusive artwork.

Check them out below via Instagram.

Most recently, the “Nusta Paisa” producer-rapper joined forces with Ikka on “Urvashi” – the 2nd track on the former Mafia Mundeer affiliate’s third studio album “Only Love Gets Reply”.

Look out for “Mehfeel” album and “Porsche 911” single by MC Stan.

Since you’re here, watch our exclusive interview with MC Stan below.

Stream ‘Meri Zindagi Rap Se Pan Deep Hai’ & ‘Numb’ singles by MC Stan via Spotify.