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Breaking: Indian Rap Superstar MC Stan Hints At Karan Aujla Collaboration On ‘Mehfeel’ Album

Photo: Instagram/MC Stan & Karan Aujla

Amidst high anticipation for his forthcoming “experimental” rap LP “Mehfeel”, Indian rapper & record producer MC Stan has hinted at a debut collaborative effort with Karan Aujla.

The Pune-bred emcee, who continues to release flagrant rap records including “Meri Zindagi Rap Se Pan Deep Hai”, “Numb” and “911 Porsche”, linked up with the trailblazing Punjabi rap royalty in Mumbai and teased the unprecedented collaboration.

Notably, Stan’s disruptive announcement arrives amidst Aujla dropping verses on a slew of massive rap records this year including “God Damn” with Badshah, “House of Lies” with Ikka and his top-tier album “Street Dreams” with Divine.

Stan is yet to confirm a release date for his forthcoming rap LP and the rumoured Karan Aujla collaboration.

For Aujla, the massive link-up arrives within days after the “Winning Speech” and “Goin’ Off” rapper joined forces with Yeah Proof, “Making Memories” producer Ikky and Kenny Beats for “Four Me” EP.

Besides Stan, Aujla is set to drop his third studio album this year with a rumoured collaboration with Chicago rap pioneer Lil Durk.

Since you’re here, watch our exclusive conversation with MC Stan if you haven’t yet below.

Look out for MC Stan’s forthcoming collaboration with Karan Aujla on “Mehfeel”.

Stream Karan Aujla’s latest EP ‘Four Me’ via Spotify.