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Breaking: Mumbai Rapstar Loka Breaks Silence Over Incarceration, Gives Divine, MC Stan & More Their Flowers And Allegedly Disses Kr$na, Raftaar & Karma on ‘Loka Kahan Hai’ Side A’

Photo: Loka

Mumbai’s rapstar Lok Bista, professionally known as Loka, has finally dropped the Side A of his debut rap LP “Loka Kahan Hai”. Traversing 6 song titles, the brief rap record captures the formerly incarcerated rapper breaking his silence over “false incrimination”, support from Indian rap superstar MC Stan and as per fans, shockingly disses Kalamkaar’s rap royalties Kr$na & Raftaar.

“Loka Kahan Hai” Side A features three new tracks “Aaropi”, “Chamdi Chaaley” and “G’s” alongside the previously released rap records “Burey Din”, “Arthur Road” and “Mulaqat”.

Of the six flagrant rap singles, “Chamdi Chaaley” has caught everyone’s attention. Across the hard-hitting track, Loka gives Indian rap superstars MC Stan, Divine, Emiway Bantai and legendary slain rapper Sidhu Moose Wala their flowers.

However, the rapper has stirred far-reaching conversations about perhaps a forthcoming beef by allegedly dissing Kalamkaar’s rap royalties Kr$na, rap mogul Raftaar and former label affiliate Karma on the track.

The rappers are yet to respond.

“Loka Kahan Hai Side A” arrives alongside an exclusive “Aaropi” visual cut. Watch it below.

Notably, this is the second instance where a Mumbai-based emcee has flagrantly dissed Kr$na. Most recently, Indian rap superstar Emiway Bantai allegedly dissed the “Hola Amigo” rapper on “Rehem” single.

Whether Kr$na will respond to the shocking alleged disses remains to be seen.

Stream ‘Loka Kahan Hai (Side A)’ via Spotify.