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Breaking: Punjabi Emcee Gurinder Gill Previews New Music Inspired By Atlanta Rap, Prod. By Money Musik & Lil Baby’s Producer ChiChi

Photo: Amrin Prasad for Gurinder Gill

Amidst high anticipation for new music, Punjabi emcee & songwriter Gurinder Gill has previewed a new collaboration with Money Musik & Lil Baby‘s “My Turn” record producer ChiChi.

The rapper, who joined forces with Money Musik on the flagrant “4 Bakiyan” record from his debut album “Hard Choices” last year, has further hinted at a distinct Atlanta rap sound rarely witnessed in Punjabi rap music.

For GG’s ardent fans, the preview is even reminiscent of Playboi Carti‘s earliest discography and marks Gill’s abrupt foray into mumble rap – a first for Punjabi music.

Check out the top-tier preview below via Instagram.

The “Don’t Test” rapper is yet to reveal any further details about his forthcoming music.

Notably, the distinct sound further narrows the possibility of a collaboration by AP Dhillon & Gurinder Gill anytime sooner.

The top-tier rappers, who once worked on a slew of cult Punjabi rap records including “Brown Munde”, “Foreigns”, “GOAT”, “Take Over”, haven’t worked together in nearly 3 years now and GG didn’t make an appearance during Dhillon’s historic Coachella performance too.

With Dhillon foraying into classic Punjabi rap, drill & pop and Gurinder Gill’s abrupt departure from raw Punjabi music and toward Carti-esque rap, a collaborations this year seems far-fetched.

Look out for Gurinder Gill’s forthcoming collaboration with Money Musik & ChiChi.

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Stream ‘Hard Choices’ Album by Gurinder Gill via Spotify below.