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Breaking: Yashraj Surprise Drops New Single ‘Baith Jaao (PSA)’, Premiers Music Video Featuring Chaar Diwaari

Photo: Yashraj

Mumbai’s rising emcee, songwriter and film director Yashraj has shocked his fans with a new single. Titled “Baith Jaao (PSA)”, the single is produced by Yashraj’s frequent collaborator & record producer Aakash Shravan and arrives alongside a flagrant visual treatment featuring Chaar Diwaari.

Notably, the track is just one-minute in run time and might pave the way for Yashraj’s debut album or an EP.

Most recently, Yashraj teamed up with rap heavyweights on the come-up Hanumankind and Diwaari on a fierce two-pack EP. Titled “Ladke Convict”, the brief MANÏN-produced project featured guest verses by HMK and the “Violence” rapper on “THAT’S A FACT” and “IDENTITY THEFT”.

Watch “Baith Jaao (PSA)” music video directed by Yashraj and Katti via Meta below.

Stream ‘Baith Jaao (PSA)’ by Yashraj via Spotify.