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Breaking: Seedhe Maut Lays Seige To Indian Rap On ‘Bhussi’ Music Video By KSHMR F/ Karan Kanchan

Global DJ pioneer and superproducer KSHMR, born Niles Hollowell-Dhar, has finally premiered the sophomore visual treatment from his highly anticipated Indian rap album “Karam”. The visual, directed by Lost Films’ Tirth Dodia & Avadh Gajjar, is a provocative assertion of Seedhe Maut’s unprecedented influence over Indian rap music and captures the young emcees “robbing a bank” with big guns and incendiary bars.

For many, the “Bhussi” music video is a metaphor for Seedhe Maut’s ongoing slaughter of Indian rap and their notorious urge to take over everything for years. Besides the hard-hitting rappers Calm & Encore, who have helmed the rap capital Delhi through affecting lyricism and flagrant live sets, the visuals feature a humorous cameo by KSHMR himself.

Imitating a prime-time news anchor, the “Hath Varthi” producer leads the narration of a “bank heist” carried out by Seedhe Maut himself. Notably, the “Bhussi” music video serves as the follow-up to the “Haath Varthi” visuals featuring Indian Hip-Hop superstar MC Stan.

Watch the “Bhussi” music video by KSHMR, Karan Kanchan & Seedhe Maut here.

Notably, KSHMR’s latest visuals build upon the “Karam” narrative. During a sprawling conversation with Culture Haze ahead of releasing his debut Indian rap single, KSHMR spoke at length about how the album “tells the story” of “a kid who comes from the slums of an abusive and impoverished home.”

“When it comes to the title, I wanted it to symbolize the character’s journey. Our hero, our main character, is this kid who comes from the slums of an abusive and impoverished home,” KSHMR said at the time.

“However, he has dreams of more… of having more for himself and forms a gang with his friends. Then, by the end, you know, he’s turned into this big gangster but he can’t escape his own fate… he can’t escape his own Karam. Everything that he’s done along the way catches up with him,” KSHMR said further.

With this vivid storyline at work, Indian rap listeners may expect diverse rap records from KSHMR which might be cathartic and reflective. Reportedly, “Karam” further features guest verses by the “Meen” emcee Yungsta, Yashraj, Hanumankind, Rajakumari and perhaps, Indian rap and pop superstar King.

“Bhussi” is released via India’s coveted rap record label Mass Appeal India. Besides the “Karam” album, the label is gearing up for one of the most crucial rap records in Hip-Hop across the globe: “Chorni” by Divine featuring Sidhu Moose Wala.

Most recently, Mass Appeal India linked up with AP Dhillon and Shinda Kahlon on “True Stories”.

Look out for the “Karam” LP by KSHMR this year.

Stream “Bhussi” and “Hath Varthi” by KSHMR here if you haven’t yet.