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Breakout Lucknow Emcee Panther, Bandzo3rd & Rawal Address Lethal Mob Ties In ‘Rangey Haath’ Music Video From ‘Flying Towards The City’ Mixtape

Photo: Panther

Breakout Lucknow emcee & songwriter Panther, born Anubhav Shukla, has premiered the 4th visual treatment from his massive mixtape “Flying Towards The City”. Titled “Rangey Haath”, the music video features appearances by breakthrough rappers Bandzo3rd and Rawal and serves as the follow-up to the cathartic “Haal” cut from the project.

Besides “Rangey Haath” & “Haal”, Panther has premiered evocative cuts for “Aisi Jagah Se” and “Kiska Hai”. Across the flagrant visuals, Panther, Bandzo & Rawal trade lethal bars about infamous street life as the rappers address notorious mob ties in Lucknow, Lahore & Delhi.

Watch the massive “Rangey Haath” music video featuring Panther, Bandzo3rd & Rawal below.

For Bandzo, the incendiary cut arrives amidst back-to-back link-ups with Jammu & Kashmir’s underground rap MVP Bhagat. Most recently, the rappers joined forces on “City Saga” and “Tripla” singles from the latter’s “I Am The Future” Mixtape.

In other news, Indian rap pioneer Kr$na has released his first EP this year. Titled “For The Day One$”, the project is produced by a slew of notable record producers including Bharg and Subspace and features guest verses by former Kalamkaar labelmate Karma, Pakistani rapper Faris Shafi and Lisa Mishra.

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Stream ‘Flying Towards The City’ mixtape by Panther via Spotify.