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Byg Byrd Teases His New Single ‘Benzes and APs’ with Fast Money

Photo: IG/Bygbrd

Iconic hip-hop producer Byg Byrd has teamed up with Fast Money for a new single ‘Benzes and APs’. Referring to their expensive lifestyle with Mercedes Benzes and Audemar Piguet watches, populary known as APs and hip-hop’s favourite timeless pieces, the track looks extremely promising.

Bygbrd and Fast Money have collaborated on ‘Big Bag OTW’ and ‘Be Careful’ this year alone. Fast Money’s upcoming project with Bygbrd comes just two weeks after he released ‘Had To’.

Over the years, Bygbrd has released some of the biggest hits in Punjabi hip-hop. A frequent collaborator with Big Boi Deep, Sunny Malton and Prem Dhillon, he has produced several bangers for the late Sidhu Moosewala.

Their collaboratiive effort ‘So High’ remains as one of the hottest tracks in Desi hip-hop even after five years. Bygbrd’s other notable singles with Moosewala include ‘Dawood’, ‘Selfmade’, ‘Devil’, ‘My Block, ‘B-town’ and ‘Homicide’.

Sidhu Moosewala and Byg Brd had frequently collaborated with each other under the banner ‘Brown Boys’ early in their careers. ‘Brown Boys’, which had Bygbrd and Sunny Malton as members had a close association with Big Boi Deep and Moosewala. In fact, the fans couldn’t even ‘Brown Boys’, Moosewala and Big Boi Deep after a certain point.

However, after a personal rift that went public in 2020, Moosewala and Brown Boys’ relationship took a massive hit. The whole controversy centered around ‘My Block’. Bygbrd and Sunny Malton had accused Moosewala of not paying them the production fee for the hit song in a public social media frenzy. To make the matters even worse, the single was leaked ahead of its release.

The exact date for the ‘Benzes and APs’ is yet to be announced. However, an Instagram caption by Fast Money suggests that the single will drop either on 11th November or 11th December this year.