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Compton Gangster ‘Keefe D’ Davis Arrested For The Murder of Tupac Shakur, Suge Knight Refuses To Testify

Photo: Malcolm Payne/The LIFE

In a major breakthrough in Tupac Shakur‘s infamous murder case, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police has finally arrested Duane Keith “Keefe D” over the killing of West Coast pioneer in 1996. Keefe D, who reportedly served as the member of South Side Compton Crips Gang, is now facing “imminent charges” over assisting and “orchestrating the plan that was carried out to commit this crime.”

Keefe D’s arrest arrives within months after L.A. police recovered multiple bullets at his Nevada residence in Vegas in July. At the time, the police sought to investigate whether the .40 calibre bullets, allegedly used to murder Shakur, were in fact linked to the notorious killing over two decades ago.

However, Keefe D has often bragged about killing the “All Eyez on Me” rapper and his controversial statements are now used to “build a strong case against him” too. Most recently, the infamous gangster spoke to VLAD TV and provided shocking details of Tupac Shakur’s murder and his disturbing involvement in it.

Notably, Keefe D was one of the four people involved in the murder of Shakur that night. In his own 2019 memoir titled “Compton Street Legend”, the Crips member discussed how he was in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996, to see Mike Tyson fight at MGM hotel.

At the time, Keefe D revealed that Tupac and then-Death Row records boss Marion “Suge” Knight and their alleged gang, the Mob Piru Bloods, attacked his nephew Orlando ‘Baby Lane’ Anderson at MGM Grand. It further resulted in an full blown altercation which was caught on camera.

Rather controversially, Suge Knight has refused to testify against Keefe D.

“Me and Keefe D played on the same football team,” Suge explained. “And whatever the circumstances, if he did have involvement or if he didn’t have involvement in anything, I wouldn’t wish someone going to prison on my worst enemy.”

“1000% I wouldn’t go,” Suge asserted. “I wouldn’t testify, none of that.”

Knight continues to serve 28 years for “mowing down and killing a Compton businessman” in L.A. in 2015.

27 years after Tupac Shakur was killed in Las Vegas, his family and loved ones are yet to receive justice.

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