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Dave East Drops ‘Rules’ Music Video F/ Denzel Washington

The Don Pablo of Harlem, NY has released his latest music video for ‘Rules’ – the fifth rap record on his new Gansgta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama ‘ Book of David’. Clocking at just short of three minutes, the visuals feature a cameo by the legendary ‘Training Day’ actor Denzel Washington.

The visuals serve as the follow-up to East’s recently released ‘Seen A Lot’ music video which captures the ‘No Coachella For Me’ rapper doing the one thing he’s best at – owning Harlem city and representing it through hard-hitting Hip-Hop.

“Yo, Buda, I don’t really give a f*** about no feedback (Gangsta Grillz) (I don’t)
Rule number three, don’t talk filthy, it ain’t on WhatsApp
Sick of n***** screamin’, “Marathon, ” they ain’t ran one lap (nah)
Rule number four, don’t have them askin’ where your gun at (nah)
Rule number five, it ain’t pressure that you don’t want that (I’ll pass)
Rule number six, keep the family and all the kids straight (all)
Rule number seven, keep your distance from n**** that did hate (remember)
Rule eight, come with the flow like 50 that made Ja Rule wait (uh)
Nobody yellin’ all over this shit, this ain’t no Clue tape (woah)
Rule number nine, if in Miami you eat at Prime (Prime)
Them n***** ain’t put in no pain with you, ain’t owned a dime (nothin’)
The n**** that created the Rolex don’t notice time (nah)
Rule number ten, shine on these n**** ’til they go blind (shine),”
East prophecizes on the iconic ‘Gangsta Grillz’ record.

Released on November 18th 2022, the ‘Book of David: Gangsta Grillz’ marked Dave East’s second full-length project last year. The ‘Don Pablo of Harlem’ – as he is popularly known in Harlem, NY – had released HDIGH featuring Method Man, Musiq Soulchild, Benny the Butcher, Trae the Truth and more before the ‘Gangsta Grillz’ mixtape with DJ Drama.

Watch the ‘Rules’ music video in 4K below.