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Breaking: Delhi’s Rap Royalty Raga Drops Lethal Guest Verse On Tracy De Sà’s New Single ‘Trash’, Previews Music With DG Immortals

Underground emcee Tracy De Sà and Delhi’s breakthrough rapper & songwriter Raga have joined forces on a new single. Titled “Trash”, the fierce single marks the debut collaborative between the two rappers and arrives amidst high anticipation for Raga’s forthcoming collaboration with Haryana‘s top-tier emcee DG Immortals.

Produced by Tracy’s frequent collaborator and record producer Tiery F, the single captures the breakout rapper’s unruly take on the Indian rap scene.

Ahead of the flagrant single, Tracy & Raga shared the exclusive “Trash” artwork via Instagram. Check it out below.

Besides laying his lethal guest verse on Tracy De Sà’s 4th rap single this year, Raga has further shared an exclusive track preview with DG Immortals.

Reportedly, the track is set to release this summer and will mark the 3rd collaboration between the infamous “Kheench Maari” rappers.

In February this year, Raga joined forces with Immortals on two tracks from his trailblazing “Midtown Madness” EP.

Check out the fiery track preview shared by Raga & DG Immortals if you haven’t yet.

Since you’re here, watch our exclusive “Midtown Madness” interview with Raga.

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Stream ‘Trash’ single by Tracy De Sà & Raga via Spotify below.