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Delhi’s Underground Rap Thrives, Gair Kanooni & J Block Find Eight Spots on Netflix

Over the years, Delhi’s underground Hip-Hop scene has established its stature as the unwavering voice of the modern rap scene in India. While marquee Hip-Hop acts including the ‘Champagne Talk’ emcee King, Ikka, Seedhe Maut, Raga and more continue to elevate the rap scene across India and beyond, Delhi is home to some of the finest underground Hip-Hop acts too.

Hip-Hop collectives Gair Kanooni and J Block have steadily made their voices heard through hard-hitting rap records and well-invested productions. As Netflix gears up to release its Indian adaptation of ‘Elite’, at least eight of Gair Kanooni and J Block’s rap records are slated to feature on the show. Titled ‘Class’, the long-awaited show sheds light on the burgeoning underground rap scene in Delhi.

Illustration: IG/Gair Kanooni

Gair Kanooni consists of four leading underground emcees including Sammad, Quest, 3BHK and Tarun. Besides ‘All Nighter’ which finds the top spot in the trailer, the show features ‘Ohho’ from their debut EP ‘Aaj Raat Ki Peshkash’, ‘Ghanti’, ‘Abrakadabra’, ‘Not Now’ from Sammad’s ‘Saste Nashe’ mixtape and 3BHK’s ‘I Don’t Sleep’ feat. Ezzyland and ‘Big Elephant’.

Illustration: IG/J Bloc

J Block – a massive Hip-Hop collective with 13 members – has found a place on the highly anticipated Netflix series with ‘Keh Dena’ by Faizan. The feature arrives amidst J Block gearing up for their sophomore mixtape ‘Love Marriage Haldi Bangers’.

Check out the ‘Class’ trailer by Netflix here.

Notably, the hard-hitting soundtrack is supported by Punjabi rap’s tall figure Prabhdeep. The ‘Bhram’ emcee teams up with NDS on ‘K.O. NDS Revibe’. Make sure that you check it out below.

Prabhdeep is one of Indian Hip-Hop’s most coveted emcees, songwriters and record producers from Delhi. In November, last year, Prabhdeep released his long-awaited third LP ‘Bhram’.  Clocking at almost 32 minutes, The self-produced, mixed and mastered record spans across 8 affecting rap records including ‘Paisa’, ‘Shaurat’, ‘Rishte’, ‘Izzat’, ‘Naftrat’ featuring SYPS, ‘Khayaal’, ‘Inayat’ and ‘Tajurba’.

The iconic emcee is gearing up for the Deluxe version of the album.

Since you’re here, check out the leading rap records by Gair Kanooni and J Block & its members via Spotify.