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Divine, Emiway and more turn up at Russ’ Debut Concert in India

Photo: IG/Russ

Russ – real name Russell James Vitale – is in India for ‘The Journey is Everything’ World Tour. Last night, he performed in Mumbai making it his first-ever live set in India. The New Jersey-based rapper, lyricist and producer is known across the world for his hit music and the solid work ethic with which he has built his current reputation in the global hip-hop scene.

At his live set in Mumbai, Russ linked up with Divine and Emiway backstage. Divine had pulled up with his entire crew ‘Gully Gang’ at the event. However, MC Altaf couldn’t be there since he was one of the headliners at the Henessey Freestyle Concert. Other rapstars who had attended Russ’ event were Shah Rule and Yashraj.

Russ performed some of his biggest hits at the show including ‘Pull The Trigger’, ‘Psycho’, ‘Losin Control’ and his latest single ‘BET’.

Russ is slated to perform at JLN Stadium in Delhi later today.

Watch Russ performing ‘Pull The Trigger’ in Mumbai here: