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‘Don of Bombay’ Vijay DK Announces Debut Album ‘4THREE4LIFE’ F/ Ikka, Kalam Ink & More

Photo: Vijay DK

The Don of Bombay Vijay DK has announced his debut album. Titled “4THREE4LIFE”, the forthcoming album will traverse 7 rap records and feature guest verses from Indian rap pioneer Ikka, Kalam Ink and a slew of underground rappers Vijay Dada, W9SCO, Andy Sirdard and D9 Sidd.

DK’s debut album arrives after a massive run of over a dozen top-selling rap singles including his most recent “Goosebumps”, “Dil Se Dil Tak”, “Lockup No 4Three”, “Bombay Ke Don”, “Anxiety” and “Stop Playing With Me”.

On Sunday, DK shared the exclusive “4THREE4LIFE” tracklist with his fans via Meta. Check it out below if you haven’t yet.

While Vijay DK is yet to reveal the album artwork and a release date, the announcement has led to unprecedented anticipation for his first full-length record. Notably, “No Bakshis” will mark the debut collaborative effort between veteran rapper Ikka and the young Mumbai-bred emcee on the come-up.

As reported earlier, Vijay DK is further known for his striking resemblance with Pune’s rap superstar MC Stan vis-à-vis rap demeanours and musicality.

While Stan comes off as more experimental and often traverses Hip-Hop, Drill and Autotune in his rap records, DK’s flow on drill tracks often runs parallel to the “P-Town” emcee. 

Owing to their slick style of rapping and provocative storytelling, fans have been longing for a collaborative effort between the two as well.

Look out for “4THREE4LIFE” Album by Vijay DK.

Stream Vijay DK’s hard-hitting rap single ‘Lockup No 4Three’ via Spotify.