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Breaking: Drake & Kendrick Lamar Escalate Ongoing Beef With Five Scathing Diss Tracks Within 72 Hours

Photo: Instagram/Kendrick Lamar and Drake

Over the weekend, Compton’s Pulitzer prize-winning emcee Kendrick Lamar and October’s Very Own Drake escalated their beef to an unprecedented level. The rappers, who have been beefing all summer, have now premiered 5 deeply personal diss records with another scathing single released by Drake this morning.

The infamous rivalry, which started with Lamar dissing the “First Person Shooter” rappers Drake & J. Cole on “Like That”, spiralled outta control when the flagrant Hillbilly hit back with “6:16 In L.A.” in the late hours of Friday. Drake responded with a fierce diss record “Family Matters” within hours.

However, Drake’s notorious spats on Lamar were met by two back-to-back singles – “meet the grahams” and “Not Like Us”.

Earlier this morning, #BBLDrizzy responded with “The Heart Pt. 6” – a slick follow-up to Lamar’s own “The Heart Pt. 5” single released nearly two years ago.

Notably, the 5 diss records were preceded by two more diss records besides “Like That”“Push Ups” by Drake and its lethal response “Euphoria” by Kendrick Lamar.

Here are the most quotable lyrics from Drake & Kendrick Lamar’s diss records.

“Are you finally ready to play have-you-ever? Let’s see
Have you ever thought that OVO is workin’ for me?
Fake bully, I hate bullies, you must be a terrible person
Everyone inside your team is whispering that you deserve it
Can’t Toosie Slide up outta this one, it’s just gon’ resurface
Every dog gotta have its day, now live in your purpose
It was fun until you started to put money in the streets
Then lost money ’cause they came back with no receipts
I’m sorry that I live a boring life, I love peace
But war-ready if the world is ready to see you bleed,
” Kendrick Lamar on “6:16 In L.A.”.

“Out here beggin’ for attention, nigga, say please
Always rappin’ like you ’bout to get the slaves freed
You just actin’ like an activist, it’s make-believe
Don’t even go back to your hood and plant no money trees
Say you hate the girls I f—, but what you really mean?
I been with Black and white and everything that’s in between
You the Black messiah wifin’ up a mixed queen
And hit vanilla cream to help out with your self-esteem
On some Bobby s—, I wanna know what Whitney need
All that puppy love was over in y’all late teens
Why you never hold your son and tell him, “Say cheese?”
We could’ve left the kids out of this, don’t blame me,
Drake on “Family Matters” as a response to “6:16 In L.A.”.

“Dear Adonis
I’m sorry that that man is your father, let me be honest
It takes a man to be a man, your dad is not responsive
I look at him and wish your grandpa would’ve wore a condom
I’m sorry that you gotta grow up and then stand behind him
Life is hard, I know, the challenge is always gon’ beat us home
Sometimes our parents make mistakes that affect us until we grown

“Even if it don’t benefit your goals, do some push-ups, get some discipline
Don’t cut them corners like your daddy did, f— what Ozempic did
Don’t pay to play with them Brazilians, get a gym membership
Understand, no throwin’ rocks and hidin’ hands, that’s law
Don’t be ashamed ’bout who you wit’, that’s how he treat your moms
Don’t have a kid to hide a kid to hide again, be sure,
” Kendrick Lamar on “meet the grahams”.

“F— a caption, want action, no accident, and I’m hands-on
He f— around, get polished
F—– on Wayne girl while he was in jail, that’s connivin’
Then get his face tatted like a b—- apologizin’
I’m glad DeRoz’ came home, y’all didn’t deserve him neither
From Alondra down to Central, n—- better not speak on Serena
And your homeboy need subpoena, that predator move in flocks
That name gotta be registered and placed on neighborhood watch
,” Kendrick Lamar on “Not Like Us”.

“The Pulitzer Prize winner is definitely spiralin’
I got your fucking lines tapped, I swear that I’m dialed in
First, I was a rat, so where’s the proof of the trial then?
Where’s the paperwork or the cabinet it’s filed in?
1090 Jake would’ve took all the walls down
The streets would’ve had me hidin’ out in a small town
My Montreal connects stand up, not fall down,

“I’m not gonna lie this s— was some, some good exercise, like
It’s good to get out, get the pen workin’
You would be a worthy competitor if I was really a predator and you weren’t f—– lying to every blogger and editor, but
It is what it is
You definitely got this shit burnt the f— out though, like
You got ten more records to drop
The one before the last one, we finessed you into telling a story that doesn’t even exist
And then, you go and drop the West Coast one to try and cover that up
,” Drake on “The Heart Pt. 6”.

Stream the records below via Spotify & YouTube.