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Emiway Bantai Expresses Concerns Over Fans Denied Entry To His Concert

Indian Hip-Hop superstar Emiway Bantai, who kicked off his ‘8 Saal Tour’ in Jaipur this Saturday, has expressed concerns over his fans being denied entry to the live venue. Bantai has amassed a huge audience for his hard-hitting self-produced records and thousands of fans turned up for his live set in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

However, Bantai was caught off-guard when it was revealed to him that several of his fans couldn’t get inside the venue to watch the live set. Earlier today, the ‘King of the Streets’ emcee took to Instagram to express his concerns over the “mishap”.

“It has come to my notice that the Jaipur show I did the club denied entries to my fans. Neither I nor my team was informed about the mishaps during the show by the organisers. Me and my team is extremely apologetic for what has happened.” Bantai wrote.

Entertainment News by Culturehaze

Taking note of the situation, Bantai asserted that “whatever happened” has made him “extremely upset”. “I would personally want everyone who bought tickets to my show to come to the next one,” the emcee said.

Bantai has requested his fans who were denied entry to the show to share their booking details with his team.

Entertainment News by Culturehaze

“Everything will be taken care off.”

As part of the 8 Saal Tour, Bantai is slated to perform in Chandigarh, Bangalore and Goa next. Check out the schedule here.

Listen to Emiway Bantai’s latest single ‘King of the Streets’ here if you haven’t yet.