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Fivio Foreign Previews New Single ‘Everyone Knows It’ With Kanye West

New York City’s rap and drill emcee and record producer Fivio Foreign, born Maxie Lee Ryles III, has previewed his third collaborative record with Kanye West. Titled “Everyone Knows It”, the record is produced by Pakistani record producer Aswad Asif, better known as AyoAA, and follows Foreign’s sophomore effort “City of Gods” with Ye alongside Alicia Keys.

In a clip, which has since gone viral, the ‘Off the grid’ emcee can be seen in his studio listening to the record’s unmastered version. While the clip showcases West seemingly rapping the hook, Foreign follows it up with solid bars and drops his lead verse.

“Look, ’cause everyone knows it (Everyone)
Huh, yeah, ’cause everyone know us (Uh)
They never told me the things they couldn’t tell me
‘Cause I was young, even when I got older (Grr, baow)
Huh, and I got this demon on my shoulder (I do)
But I never see him when I’m sober (Nah)
If you catch me off the ’42, then it’s over (Baow)
One-nine, forty-two, then it’s over (Grr, baow)
State of mind, they cut the beast in the background
How I’m go run into opps where I’m at now?
They couldn’t catch us, we livin’ too fast now
They almost had us, but we was too [act drowned?] (Skrrt)
Uh, yeah, look…,
” Foreign raps on the record.

Check out the “Everyone Knows It” preview by Fivio Foreign and Kanye West here.

Besides “Everyone Knows It”, Foreign and West have collaborated on Donda‘s 4th rap record “Off the Grid” alongside Playboi Carti and “City of Gods” alongside Alicia Keys. The emcee is yet to reveal crucial details about the single.

Look out for ‘Everyone Knows It’ by Fivio Foreign and Kanye West.

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