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Fotty-Seven and Bali Pull Up at MTV Hustle for a Guest Appearance

Photo: IG/Fottyseven

Delhi NCR’s finest Fotty-Seven and Bali have pulled up at MTV Hustle for a guest appearance. The lyricist and emcee behind some of the biggest hits in Indian hip-hop such as ‘Galat Launda’, ‘Boht Tej’, ‘Banjo’, ‘Baap se’ and ‘Kya Haal Hai Bro’, Fotty-Seven is known for delivering ghetto bangers and stunning visuals in his music videos.

Notably, this isn’t the first time that Fotty-Seven has appeared on the show to encourage the contestants. Last year, he had shut down MT Hustle by delivering a joyous performance of ‘Galat Launda’. His performance had Rajakumari, Raftaar, Brodha V and Nucleya – MTV Hustle’s then squad bosses – grooving. Raftaar even joined Fotty-Seven on the track’s hook.

King rocked to Fotty-Seven’s raw performance along with other contestants as well. Perhaps, it would be interesting to see how King responds to Fotty-Seven’s yet another wild performance while he is a squad boss himself now.

Fotty-Seven’s appearance at MTV Hustle doesn’t come as a surprise since several icons of the Delhi hip-hop scene have appeared on the show so far. Last week, Seedhe Maut delivered a strong performance of ‘Namastute’ and Ikka, who recetly dropped his studio album ‘Nishu’ and released ‘Trap Munde’ with Badhshah, made an appearance before the fiery rap duo.

Delhi’s notorious emcee Bali is also expected to be at the show and join Fotty. In fact, Bali and MTV Hustle go way back too. The Delhi-bred hitmaker behind tracks such as ‘Sunn na’, ‘Feel Hai’ featuring Badshah, ‘Hutt Hutt’ and ‘Flex’ featuring Ikka had performed at the MTV Hustle Cypher Judge Showcase in 2019.

Fotty-Seven has been consistently in the public eye this year. Most recently, he released his single ‘Confessions’. The single is a departure from his usual bangers and he seems more vulnerable than ever before.

Listen to Fotty-Seven’s ‘Confessions’ here:

Further, Fotty-Seven joined hands with Bali earlier this month for his hit single ‘No Mercy’. The record is a straightforward indication of their brotherhood.

Watch the music video for ‘No Mercy’ by Bali featuring Fotty-Seven here: