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Here’s the List of Top New Rappers In India Who Truly Are the Youngest In Charge.

India has one of the richest histories in Hip-Hop music after United States. As rap went global and extended its influence across the globe, India’s youth turned to Hip-Hop music as a form of expression and artistic freedom. While Indian rap moguls including Diljit Dosanjh, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Jazzy B, Raftaar and Badshah are known across the world for their top-selling music, they also laid out a solid foundation for the next generation of rappers. 

Here’s the list of Top New Rappers in India who truly are the Youngest In Charge. 

  1. Karan Aujla, 26

Ludhiana-born Karan Aujla is one of the biggest names in Indian rap at the mere age of 26. The iconic emcee has released the most influential rap records including a hard-hitting collaboration ‘Gangsta’ with YG in recent years. Often referred to as ‘Geetan Di Machine’ by his fans across the world, Karan Aujla is truly a worldwide superstar. Most recently, Aujla featured on Badshah’s global hit ‘Players’ and released ‘Four You’ EP with Ikky music. The latest project features four top-notch bangers – ‘52 Bars’, ‘Take It Easy’, ‘Fallin Apart’ and ‘Yeah Naah’.  

  1. MC Stan, 24

Altaf Shaikh – popularly known as MC Stan – is perhaps the biggest name in Indian Hip-Hop right now. Born on 30th August 1999 in Pune Maharashtra, Stan has one of the most loyal fanbase in India and the young rapper has established his influential stature through a series of hit singles, albums, and compilations within just five years. Currently, Stan sits on over 7 million Instagram followers and is one of the most sought-after emcees in India. His biggest rap releases include ‘Basti Ka Hasti’, ‘Astagfirullah’, ‘Ek Din Pyaar’, ‘Shana Bann’, ‘Hosh Mei Aa’ and ‘Broke Is A Joke’. 

  1. Shubh, 25

Punjab-born Brampton-based Shubh is the hottest voice in Indian rap right now. Shubh has swiftly rose to global stardom with just six singles – ‘We Rollin’, ‘Baller’, ‘Elevated’, ‘No Love’, ‘Offshore’ and ‘Her’ – and that too without features. Shubh’s small discography has been streamed over a billion times across platforms and has established his stature as one of the finest to ever do it. His independent single ‘Baller’ even charted on the Billboard Hot 100 Canada upon its release. 

  1. Gurinder Gill, 26

Punjabi Hip-Hop’s leading emcee and record producer Gurinder Gill shot to worldwide fame with ‘Brown Munde’ with AP Dhillon. Produced by GMINXR, ‘Brown Munde’ established Dhillon as one of the biggest voices in Indian rap. However, as per many, it was Gurinder Gill who led the insane popularity of the track by dropping slick verses. Gurinder Gill has toured across the U.S., Canada, Australia and India with his ‘Brown Munde’ crew that includes AP Dhillon, GMINXR and Shinda Kahlon. 

  1.  Seedhe Maut (Calm & Encore ABJ)

Delhi-based Seedhe Maut is one of the biggest Hip-Hop acts in India right now. Known for ferocious live mosh pits and perhaps the most loyal following in India, Seedhe Maut – led by Calm and Encore ABJ – has touched millions of Hip-Hop listeners in India with hard-hitting rap records which span numerous singles and three full-length albums. Some of their biggest hits include ‘Nayaab’ and ‘Bayaan’ album and ‘Nanchaku’ feat. MC Stan.