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Ice Spice Releases New Single ‘In Ha Mood’

The Bronx emcee Ice Spice – real name Isis Gaston – has released her latest rap record ‘In Ha Mood’. Clocking at just over two minutes, the upbeat Jersey Club-inspired single is produced by RIOT – the young record producer who led the production of Spice’s breakthrough single Munch (Feelin’ U).

In the mirror, I’m doin’ my dance (Like)
And he packin’, I know by his pants (Grrah)
He a rapper, but don’t got a chance
Stuck in my ways so I’m lovin’ my bands
Like a million views in a day (Like)
It’s so many ways to get paid (Grrah)
I tried dippin’, he begged me to stay
Bae, I’m not stayin’, I just wanna play (Just wanna play)
In the party, he just wanna rump (Rump)
Big boobs and the butt stay plump (Stay plump)
She a baddie, she know she a ten (Baddie, ten)
She a baddie with her baddie friend (Damn, friend)
They like, “Ice, how you always stay hot?” (Hot)
Oh, they mad ’cause I keep makin’ bops (Bops)
Oh, she mad ’cause I’m takin’ her spot
If I was bitches, I’d hate me a lot (Grrah)
,” Spice raps on the record.

The track serves as the follow-up to ‘Bikini Bottom’ released by the New York drill emcee on October 29th 2022. Stream ‘In Ha Mood’ by Ice Spice here via Spotify.