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Breaking: Indian Rap Pioneer Kr$na Disses Shubh, Calls Him A Studio Gangster With Fraudulent ‘Street Cred’

Photo: Kr$na & Shubh

Indian rap provocateur Kr$na, infamous for scathingly dissing top-tier rappers at will, has thrown lethal shots at breakthrough Punjabi emcee Shubh.

The rapper, who recently premiered his massive new single “MVP”, or “Most Valuable Player”, was referred to as a mere studio gangster with falsified “street cred” by the fierce “Refunds” emcee.

In an Instagram post, which now stands deleted, Kr$na expressed concerns about “Punjabi rappers & singers” hiring “Mexican gangsters” in their music videos for fraudulent street cred.

Punjabi music videos and Mexican gangsters for hire go hand in hand these days… put a couple tatted up cholos in your video and maybe that street cred rubs off on you,” Kr$na said via Instagram.

Kr$na’s lethal comments arrived hours ahead of the “Joota Japani” rapper joining forces with Seedhe Maut during their final “Lunch Break Tour” concert in Delhi last night.

Watch Kr$na’s disruptive performance of “Hola Amigo” and “Khatta Flow” via X, formerly Twitter below.

Shubh is yet to respond to Kr$na’s fierce comments or whether the “Bandana” rapper has even noticed.

Watch the “Cheques” music video in question and “Bandana” by Shubh.

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Since you’re here, stream Kr$na’s guest verse on “Refunds” and “MVP” by Shubh via Spotify.