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Jay-Z Teases Deal With Bezos to Become the ‘First Black NFL Team Owner’

TMZ had spotted ‘The Blueprint’ emcee Jay-Z with Amazon’s co-founder and CEO Jeff Bezos earlier this week amidst rumors that the iconic rapper is interested in purchasing NFL’s ‘Washington Commanders’ team. Presently, the team is owned by American business mogul Daniel Snyder who reportedly wants to sell his stake in the Commanders at $7 Billion. Jay-Z is worth $1.3 Billion as per Forbes.

Ever since the rumors were confirmed by TMZ, more celebrities are vying to join hands with Bezos and Jay-Z in purchasing the team. American actor Mathew McConaughey and Brooklyn Nets’ superstar Kevin Durant have sought to come aboard for the deal.

“In a perfect world, I would be a part of it,” Durant spoke to ESPN. “I would love to do it. I would love to give a little bit of my money to be a part of the Commanders, but we’ll see. Hopefully, it’s somebody nice. I heard Bezos and Jay-Z, but you never know.”

More details about the probable deal are awaited. Until then, why don’t you listen to Hov’s biggest records since you’re here? Check them out below:

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