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Kannada Gangsta Rap Pioneer Rahul Dit-O and India’s Superproducer Karan Kanchan Link Up on ‘Top Dawg’

Indian Hip-Hop’s influential record producer Karan Kanchan and Kannada Hip-Hop pioneer Rahul Dit-O teamed up for an affecting rap record. Titled “Top Dawg”, the hard-hitting single is released as part of the highly coveted Hip-Hop series by Red Bull ’64 Bars’.

Originally created by New Zealand’s prolific emcee David Dallas, the ‘Red Bull 64 Bars’ rap series is a far-reaching strategic partnership between emcees and record producers across the globe.

Last year, the Gully Gang’s finest producer linked up with marquee Indian emcees including Hanumankind, MC Altaf, Rawal, Agsy, Trichia, Tienas, Dee MC, Shah Rule, Sikander Kahlon & more for season one.

Notably, Karan Kanchan is fresh off a ferocious rap record with Indian Hip-Hop superstar King and Telugu Hip-Hop’s influential rapper Roll Rida. Titled ‘Baap Aa Gaya Hai’, the hard-hitting single forms a part of the original soundtrack for Netflix‘s Daggubati Venkatesh, Suchitra Pillai and Rana Daggubati starrer ‘Rana Naidu’.

Watch ‘Top Dawg’ by Rahul Dit-O & Karan Kanchan for Red Bull 64 Bars here.

Listen to Karan Kanchan-produced ‘Top Dawg’ here via Spotify.