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Kidshot Reveals His Sophomore EP Drops Soon

Mumbai-based Kidshot has been teasing new music for several weeks this year. While the rapper had talked at length about his “Next Releases, Collaborations” and a “potential album” on a local radio station last month, Kidshot has confirmed that his sophomore EP and the follow up to ‘Bhot Kuch’ (October, 2020) is on the way.

Kidshot released his breakthrough single ‘Meri Baari’ featuring Kr$na in 2017. Ever since then, he has established himself as one of the consistent voices in Indian hip-hop. Some of his hit singles include ‘Warm Up’, ‘Flavor Freestyle’ and ‘Durr’ among others.

Kidshot was one of the early artists from India who worked with Talhah Yunus in December, 2021. Yunus is one of the two members of Karachi-based Young Stunners. Their collaborative effort ‘Booom’ – which also featured Punjab’s Lazarus – was a big hit in the underground hip-hop scene.

Check out Kidshot’s music here if you haven’t yet:

Kidshot X Encore ABJ – Show Me

Kidshot X Sikander Kahlon – Samurai

Kidshot X Kr$na – Meri Baari