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Kodak Black Drops Self-Directed ‘Kodak The Boss’ Music Video

The iconic emcee from Florida, Kodak Black – real name Bill Kahan Kapri – has released the fourth visual treatment from his fifth studio album ‘Kutthroat Bill Vol. 1’. Released on October 28th 2022, the massive nineteen-track effort was fueled by affecting visuals of numerous rap records from the album including ‘300 Blackout’, ‘Walk’ and ‘Spin’.

The young rapper has now released the self-directed visuals for ‘Kodak The Boss’ – the Dr. Zeus-produced opening track on the hit record.

Notably, the massive studio effort serves as the follow-up to Black’s fourth LP Back for Everything. Released on February 25th last year, the album featured a sole guest appearance from Lil Durk.

Let me start this s*** off right ’cause I can never be wrong
I tried to change my life, them people called me a clone
Took the top off, I ain’t drinkin’ nothin’ that I ain’t pour
I brought my own ‘za, I ain’t smokin’ nothin’ that I ain’t roll
Hold on, what happened to all that energy you had when I was gone?
You can say whatever you want, I know you hate that I’m home
Watchin’ out for opps when you the one I need to worry ’bout
Sometimes your best friend be your biggest hater all along
Sometimes your enemy be right there, playin’ up under your nose
They dissin’ you, but you act deaf ’cause it come out as a joke
On God, I lost some friends ’cause I was playin’ broke
Sometimes the way you plan is not how the end goes,”
Black raps on the self-absorbing hard-hitting banger.

Check out the ‘Kodak The Boss’ music video by Kodak Black below via YouTube.

Since you’re here, stream Kodak Black’s fifth studio album ‘Kutthroat Vol. 1’ if you haven’t yet.