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Koshur Rap Pioneers Ahmer And Straight Outta Srinagar Go Ruthless on New Single ‘Evil Eye’

Kashmiri rap pioneers Ahmer and Straight Outta Srinagar have finally released their highly anticipated single “Evil Eye”. Produced by Xplicit, the hard-hitting rap record is the latest addition to the far-reaching Koshur rap – a moniker for independent revolutionary rap records from Kashmir.

The single arrives within days after Straight Outta Srinagar’s frontmen Arsalan Afreen ‘Aatankki’ & Tufail Nazir and Ahmer announced it on social media. At the time, our publication speculated, perhaps, turbulent times in Koshur Hip-Hop.

Ahmer has reportedly split from Azadi Records after releasing numerous top-notch Hip-Hop and Drill bangers with the label. The ‘Azli’ emcee’s departure from the Mumbai-based label is the second big exit in Indian rap music. Earlier this year, Karma ‘parted ways’ with Raftaar‘s Kalamkaar rap label too.

Upon the official release, Ahmer and Straight Outta Srinagar dropped a short film on social media. The clip captures the ruthless ‘Koshur Nizam’ rappers in their element. Whether the official video is in the works too remains to be seen. You can check out the preview here.

Listen to Xplicit-produced ‘Evil Eye’ by Ahmer and Straight Outta Srinagar here.