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Metro Boomin Remembers His Mother’s Influence on Music

Amidst the wildly successful run of his latest album ‘Heroes & Villains’, Atlanta-based superstar record producer Metro Boomin shared a heartfelt message dedicated to his mother Leslie Joanne Wayne. Boomin’s mother was shot by her husband in June and the iconic producer continues to mourn her death ever since. In fact, Boomin had earlier revealed that his latest album is dedicated to his mother.

The ‘Ric Flair Drip’ producer took to Instagram to share personal iMessage that his mother would often send him during his career. “Man when YOU RELEASE YOUR ALBUM EVERYONE IS GOING TO SUCK IT UP LIKE DRY SKIN BLESSED WITH LOTION!!” his mother wrote in one of the messages.

“Mom I miss you so much I can’t do nothing but sit here and cry right now,” Metro wrote. “You taught me to see the blessings no matter the circumstances and I feel so blessed right now but can’t help to feel hurt because this is the moment we have always talked about and patiently waited and prayed for. It hurts not getting your texts about all your favorite songs or how good you think I look in all the videos and pictures. You were always the proudest of all your children and have always been my #1 supporter with everything in life. Even when I was 13 sneaking staying up late on school nights to make beats and then when I would fake sleep you would just act like you didn’t know I was up. I miss your typos I miss you asking for the links to the albums and merch so you could send them out to everyone you know telling me no one could even talk to you without supporting your babies. I miss you checking me and putting me back on track if I ever went too far left. I Love You for eternity and can’t wait until I can finally be with you again. I feel so blessed right now but the moment is still so bittersweet #MyQueen #IWishYouWereHere.” Metro captioned the IG post.

Check it out below if you haven’t yet.