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More than One-Fifth of Listeners on Spotify Listen to The Weeknd

Hip-Hop and R&B superstar Abel Makkonen Tesfaye – popularly referred to as The Weeknd – has surpassed a massive 100 million listeners on Spotify. The legendary singer becomes the first artist in history to achieve this feat. Notably, with 489 million listeners across the globe, Spotify’s artist profile data reveals that more than one-fifth of people on the platform listen to The Weeknd’s music every single month.

Earlier today, Spotify tweeted that “The Weeknd became the first artist in Spotify History to reach 100 Million monthly listeners” on February 27th 2023. With this, the ‘Afterhours’ singer has established his stature as one of the most gifted artists of his generation.

On March 21st 2011, The Weeknd launched his career with the ‘House of Balloons’ mixtape. The nine-track project was a riveting slow-burning R&B record on infidelity, sex, loneliness and the life that The Weeknd imagined for himself. Perhaps, the one which includes becoming the most affecting artists of the 21st century.

Within six months of ‘House of Balloons’, the young R&B singer – who was just 21 at the time – released his sophomore mixtape ‘Thursday’. The Weeknd confirmed that his unmatched sonic versatility and vivid exploration of modern romance, escapism, drug abuse and money deserve global recognition.

In 2013, The Weeknd linked up with Republic Records and released his debut studio album ‘Kissland’. Recorded in Los Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas, the record symbolized The Weeknd’s dreamy tour life and passive-aggressive affirmations of what he Lives For alongside Champagne Papi a.k.a. Drake.

From there on, a young man from Toronto went on to work with A$ap Rocky, Beyoncé, Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Future, Post Malone, French Montana, Young Thug and perhaps, the greatest emcees in modern rap music.

Listen to The Weeknd’s debut mixtape and some of his most influential records here via Spotify.