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Nas Pays His Tribute to Take-off at KD3 Release Party

The legendary lyricist and rhymer from Queens, N.Y. Nasir Jones a.k.a Nas paid his tribute to the late Migos’ member Take-off. Amidst the King’s Disease III – Nas’ latest studio album – release party, the ‘N.Y. State of Mind’ emcee took a moment to remember the modern hip-hop pioneer and shared a powerful message.

“We’re trying to tell these people out here, man, we’re here for a purpose,” Nas said. “We can’t be destroying each other over bullshit. Look at these little brothers and be like don’t shoot; don’t throw your life away. It ain’t worth it. There’s something to live for, something to be here for.

“All that tough shit is cool when you’re growing up,” the ‘Illmatic’ rapper continued, “but we gotta learn that we’re here for a purpose, and there is a design that’s out here to make sure we don’t grow, to make sure that we don’t make it. And we gotta recognize that there is something in existence that’s trying to stop the youth from the hood from growing into its proper purpose.”

Take-off – real name Kirshnik Khari Ball – was shot dead in Houston earlier this month after a scuffle ensued between him, Quavo and another group during a dice game. He was the youngest member of arguably the finest modern hip-hop group and was only 28 years old.