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Pataka Boys Share ‘Thugs From Amritsar’ Album Tracklist, To Feature Seedhe Maut, Sikander Kahlon, Heems, Juss Nandhra & M.O.N.G.O of Mud Fam

Photo: Press

Marquee British Rappers PAV4N and Sonnyjim, who together helm the newly formed act “Pataka Boys”, have shared the tracklist for their forthcoming debut album “Thugs From Amritsar”.

Set to release via Azadi Records this Friday, the LP will feature flagrant guest verses by Delhi’s rap royalty Seedhe Maut, Punjabi emcee Sikander Kahlon, Heems, Juss Nandhra and M.O.N.G.O. of British rap group Mud Fam.

Reportedly, “Thugs From Amritsar” will traverse 14 songtitles including the previously released singles “Bappi Lahiri” and “Megaloblast”, and “Guddi Check”, “Ghosht Stories”, “Punjabi Munde”, “Brown Sauce” and “Ganaur Lemon Tree”. The LP is entirely produced by underground record producer Kartik Sudhera.

Check out the exclusive “Thugs of Amritsar” tracklist, artwork and trailer below.

For Seedhe Maut, the debut collaboration with Pataka Boys arrives amidst a slew of tracks including the ‘Bure Din’ single with Chicago’s rap pioneer Mick Jenkins. The incendiary record was released just ahead of the “Tour Shit” rappers’ notorious beef with Kashmir’s Straight Outta Srinagar.

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Stream the previously released lead singles ‘Bappi Lahiri’ and ‘Megaloblast’ from Pataka Boys’ ‘Thugs From Amritsar’ LP via Spotify.