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‘Praise The Lord’ by A$AP Rocky & Skepta Goes Multi-Platinum

While ASAP Rocky – real name Rakim Myers – gears up for his forthcoming fourth rap album, his fans across the words are still bumping his past music. Earlier today, the ‘Recording Industry Association of America’ or RIAA revealed that a slew of Rocky’s records have received certification upgrades.

ASAP Rocky’s third collaborative effort with London’s legendary emcee Skepta has received a 2x Platinum Certification. Titled ‘Praise The Lord’, it is the fifth record on Rocky’s third studio album ‘Testing’ and was produced by Skepta. The two emcees interpolate DMX’s flow on 2001’s Grammy Nominated record ‘Who We Be’ and pay homage to his timeless rhyming.

Rocky Skepta Praise the Lord

“Text a message, I don’t know the number
Flexin’ on these n*****, every bone and muscle
Steady taking shots, but never hurting numbers
Even then, y’all don’t worry nothin’
And I’d like to give a shout-out to my n***** with a game plan
And shout-outs to my n***** with escape plans
Uh, twenty bands, rain dance
We could either rain check or we can make plans,”
Rocky raps on the hard-hitting record.

Watch the ‘Praise The Lord (Da Shine) music video by A$ap Rocky & Skepta.

Stream A$ap Rocky’s third LP ‘Testing’ here if you haven’t yet.