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Breaking: Punjabi Hip-Hop & Pop Superstar Prem Dhillon Releases Massive Debut Album ‘Limitless’

Photo: Prem Dhillon

Punjabi Hip-Hop/Rap superstar Prem Dhillon has released his massive studio album “Limitless”.

Produced by Punjabi superproducers The Kidd & Snappy and marquee record producers on the come-up San-B and Rass, Dhillon’s latest album is home to flagrant gangsta rap records “Back of Car”, “Badberry”, “Sit Down”, “Idgs” and “2 Number” alongside trailblazing pop singles “Chor Chor” & “Flirt”.

Notably, “Limitless” is Prem Dhillon’s sprawling debut album and arrives amidst the fierce Punjabi emcee releasing numerous rap singles including “Old Skool” featuring Sidhu Moose Wala and the iconic “No Lookin’ Back” EP.

Ahead of releasing his debut album, Dhillon shared the exclusive artwork and an epic teaser with his fans via Meta. Check it out below.

Dhillon further premiered an epic “Back of Car” music video from his debut album. Watch it below if you haven’t yet.

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Stream Prem Dhillon’s massive debut album ‘Limitless’ via Spotify.