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Breaking: Punjabi Emcee Karan Aujla Previews Original Version of Billboard Breaking Massive Rap Single ‘On Top’

Photo: Karan Aujla

Amidst an unprecedented rise in his stature in Punjabi Hip-Hop & Pop music, Indian emcee and songwriter Karan Aujla has just previewed the original version of his massive single “On Top” – the sprawling Billboard charting single released in December last year.

The huge rap record, which further paved the way for his iconic “Four You” EP and the historic “Making Memories” album, entered the Billboard Canada Hot 100 charts at the 88th spot.

Earlier today, Aujla came on an abrupt live and previewed the single from Dubai. The rapper even went on to ask his fans about the now-forthcoming single.

“On Top… original version. Lemme know…should I drop this song officially? Watch out for the next verse,” Aujla asks his fans about the disruptive preview amidst rapping the flagrant original version. Watch the clip below via X, formerly Twitter.

The massive preview arrives within hours former Mafia Mundeer rapper and another cult figure Ikka confirmed his feature with Aujla, Diljit Dosanjh and Badshah on his forthcoming album “Only Love Gets Reply”.

In November, the “Champion’s Anthem” Punjabi emcee linked up with Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign and Lil Durk in Abu Dhabi and stirred major collaboration rumours with the “Almost Healed” rapper.

Besides previewing the “On Top” original version, the “G.O.A.T.” songwriter is further gearing up for “more than 6 tracks” with Indian rap royalty Divine.

Look out for the original version of “On Top” by Karan Aujla.

Since you’re here, watch the epic “On Top” visual cut by Karan Aujla and stream the track via Spotify.