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Raftaar Addresses Trolls, Advises Fans

Kalamkaar’s bossman Raftaar took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction over the disses and petty “fights” in India Hip-Hop. The iconic rapper even discussed the repercussions of fans hating on each other to express strong support for artists and how “the more you fight on petty things the more money we make”.

“Can I make it easy for you all? The more you fight on petty things the more money we make. I saw people fighting over merchandise on my twitter feed. Kuch dhang ke topic pe discussion karloge to hum bhi usme se kuch achi criticism nikaal ke kaam karein uspe. Art > Artist. Simple.” Raftaar tweeted.

Perhaps, Raftaar is referring to the strong culture of consistent disses and fights involved in India Hip-Hop. While the rap scene stays strong, it often witnesses personal criticisms and slurs across India.