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Raga, Bella, Hanumankind, Rawal, Chaar Diwaari, Irfana, Killa K, DHP & More Perform at Def Jam India’s Historic ‘50 Years of Hip-Hop’ Concert

Photo: Neofox Media for Def Jam Recordings India

Over the weekend, Indian Hip-Hop’s leading emcees, record producers and songwriters came together to perform at Def Jam Recordings India’s “50 Years of Hip-Hop” concert across Mumbai, Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru.

The two-day concert, which went down on August 11th 2023 in Gurgaon & Bengaluru and in Mumbai the next day, featured hard-hitting live sets by Delhi’s ruthless emcee Raga, Rawal, Hanumankind, Irfana, Chaar Diwaari, Bella, Killa K, DHP, “Go To Sleep” record producer Parimal Shais, veteran Hip-Hop artist Bobkat and Mumbai-based legendary woman DJ Ishani Majumdar.

Notably, Raga and Chaar Diwaari previewed their unreleased rap records amidst their concerts.

While Raga brought out Haryanvi rap star on the come-up DG Immortals to preview “Midtown Madness” and perform his sprawling hit “Kaleshi Chori” with the infectious emcee, Chaar Diwaari previewed three rap records – “Jhaag”, “Violence” featuring Gravity and another unreleased rap record with Yashraj.

In Bengaluru, Hanumankind performed some of his biggest hits in Indian rap music “Go To Sleep”, “Damnson”, “Skyline” “Southside” and more.

Further, Rawal made a massive return to the live stage on Hip-Hop’s 50th birthday. While his day one emcee Raga shut down the north, the Delhi-bred emcee brought out maximum pressure on Bengaluru with his cutthroat rhymes and evocative energy.

Reportedly, Rawal performed his sprawling hits from the “Sab Chahiye” LP including “Jungli Kutta”, “Bombay Sapphire” and more. The ruthless emcee premiered the live debut of his latest single “Tabla Faad” at the concert.

More exclusive stories about the massive Def Jam Recordings India’s “50 Years of Hip-Hop” concert are on its way. Look out for across the week.