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Indian Rap Icon Dino James Inaugurates ‘Dharavi Dream Counseling Project’, To Support Mental Health of Students Studying Rap Music

Photo: TDDP

Indian rap icon Dino James has inaugurated The Dharavi Dream Project’s ‘Counselling Project’ to support and encourage mental health amidst the underprivileged youth studying rap music at the school.

To further the cause, The Dharavi Dream Project, oftentimes referred to as TDDP, has linked up with Trijog – a Mumbai-based psychosocial counselling and therapy organisation – and serves as TDDP’s latest endeavour in encouraging holistic growth of its students.

James’ hard-hitting rap records have often dealt with mental health and struggles with relationships. In fact, his sprawling major label debut “D” traverses self-belief, anxiety, struggles behind having a prolific rap career such as his and more across 13 hard-hitting rap records.

“I am a staunch supporter of therapy’s role in addressing fears, fostering clarity, boosting confidence, and enhancing self-esteem for artists,” Dino James said in a press release.

Speaking on Trijog & TDDP’s distinct endeavour which aims to “empower students to use their art as a means of self-expression and healing”, Arushi Sethi, co-founder Trijog, said that the organisation’s partnership with the Dharavi-based Hip-Hop school will “nurture mental health of all artists and communities alike.”

Dino James’ appearance at TDDP is preceded by another cult-figure of Indian rap Badshah visiting the underprivileged students in July. At the time, the “Gone Girl” rapper, record producer and business mogul inaugurated TDDP’s first massive recording studio and turned mentor for 100 students at the school.

Besides James, Yoku BIG of Mumbai’s iconic consortium of rappers record producers and beatboxers 7 Bantai’Z was present at the inauguration ceremony too.

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Since you’re here, stream Dino James’ iconic debut LP ‘D’ via Spotify.