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Sliime Drops ‘Lehenga’ Music Video

South London’s ferocious emcee and songwriter Sliime has released his long-awaited single. Titled ‘Lehenga’, the young rapper released the groovy rap record alongside a visual treatment via GRM Daily.

“Look, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (Nope)
She wants love, next day, she wants d*****
Watch how I turn a good girl to a lit b****
Bro told me to save, I didn’t listen
I was still sixteen when I licked it
Six-twenty-five for the shoes that don’t come with the laces,

Mum still thought I was trippin’ (Come on)
Trappin’, coke in the kitchen, gang’s on the mattress, double up cling when I wrap this (Wrap that)
Three shots, three goals went there, went home, what you know about scorin’ a hat-trick? (Jheez)
Anytime that they say that I’m flexin’ a lot, flashback to the days I never had s***,”
Sliime rapsover a MarkoTP & Rigas Beats led production.

Watch the ‘Lehenga’ music video by Sliime here via YouTube.

Sliime first teased the single via IG last week.