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Sza Releases ‘Nobody Gets Me’ Music Video

Top Dawg Entertainment’s R&B superstar SZA has released the latest visuals from her sophomore album ‘SOS’. Titled ‘Nobody Gets Me’, the video is directed by Bradley J. Calder and cinematically portrays hopeless romanticism. The three-minute track serves as the fourteenth record on SZA’s highly anticipated album.

“Took a long vacation, no makeup, just Jay Z
You were balls deep, now we beefing
Had me butt naked at the MGM
So wasted, screaming, “Fuck that!”
Blurry now, but I meant it then
Hurry now, baby, stick it in
‘Fore the memories get to kicking in
It’s too late, I don’t want to lose

What’s left of you
How am I supposed to tell you
I don’t wanna see you with anyone but me.
Nobody gets me like you
How am I supposed to let you go?
Only like me when I’m with you
Nobody gets me, you do
You do
Nobody gets me, you do” SZA sings over the Benny Blanco-led production.

Watch the visuals for ‘Nobody Gets Me’ by SZA here.