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Yashraj’s Self-Directed Visuals for ‘Bura/Bhala’ Drops Tonight

Yashraj has announced that the visuals for ‘Bura/Bhala’ will be released tonight. Directed by the young Mumbai-based emcee and lyricist himself and Sarthak Cheema, the music video is slated to premiere at 7:00 P.M. on YouTube.

The rapper behind some of the most influential sounds in modern Indian rap including ‘Takiya Kalaam’ album, ‘Farzi Ghalib’ and more released ‘Bura/Bhala’ on Friday.

“‘Bura / Bhala’ is the commencement of a new chapter in my life, a more unapologetic one. A track that unleashes a bravado that reveals a side of me that truly embraces where I’m currently at.” Yashraj wrote about the record.

Look out for the premiere tonight. Since you’re here, listen to ‘Bura/Bhala’ here on Spotify if you haven’t yet.