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After MC Stan, Divine Twists & Disrupts Bollywood Over Drill This Year

MC Stan – real name Altaf Shaikh – had released an experimental drill-heavy ‘MH12’ on his debut studio album ‘Insaan’. Influenced by the modern mumble rap and autotune, Stan delivered a distinct 11-track LP consisting of his biggest hits to date such as ‘Basti Ka Hasti’, ‘Bitch’ and more.

While Stan’s final version of the album didn’t feature ‘MH 12’ – perhaps, because of sample clearances – the track can be streamed here:

Now, Divine has chosen to twist Bollywood tunes on ‘Gunehgar’ – his latest LP. However, the ‘Gully Gang’ bossman is doing so at a massive scale. Sampling ‘Baazigar’ – the leading track from Indian Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s 1993 romantic thriller by the same name – Karan Kanchan deftly remixes the iconic track and puts it right next to signature London drill. Further, Armani White – known for his catchy breakthrough record ‘Billie Eilish’ – joins forces with the ‘Gunehgar’ emcee to help set the mood. The remix serves as a playful pitstop in an album which is personal and ferocious at large.

Listen to ‘Baazigar’ by Divine f/ Armani White (Prod. By Karan Kanchan) here:

Notably, this isn’t the first time that Divine and Karan Kanchan have joined forces to play with legendary Bollywood sounds and make them their own. ‘Satya’ – the fourth record on Divine’s sophomore album ‘Punya Paap – was sampled out of Gulzaar-written ‘Goli Maar Bheje Mei’. Check out ‘Satya’ here if you haven’t yet: