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Another Rawal x Bharg Album on the Way?

In early 2021, Rawal and Bharg brought together Delhi’s entire underground scene for a hard-hitting LP ‘Sab Chahiye’. The star-studded 18-track record featured guest appearances by Calm and Encore ABJ – A.k.a. Seedhe Maut, Raga, Darcy and more. Clocking at 43 minutes, the album consisted of some of the biggest bangers at that time including ‘Bombay Sapphire’, ‘Jungli Kutta’, ‘Tagore Garden’ and ‘Lagaan’.

One of Indian hip-hop’s icon Ikka had dropped his verse on ‘Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo’ alongside Sez on the Beat that helped put young rappers on the map. The record was a massive underground hit and the duo went on their debut ‘Sab Chahiye’ tour across Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru this year.

Earlier today, Rawal seemingly teased another project with Bharg. Whether it’s a full-length studio album or an EP remains to be seen. However, a Rawal and Bharg collaboration has never disappointed. With Bharg’s unhurried ghetto attitude and Rawal’s passive aggressive slick lyricism, every single project stands out.


Check out Rawal x Bharg’s music here if you haven’t yet.

‘Jungli Kutta’ by Rawal X Bharg f/ Calm & Raga

‘Bombay Sapphire’ by Rawal X Bharg f/ Raga

‘Magan’ by Rawal x Bharg f/ Encore ABJ

Listen to the ‘Sab Chahiye’ LP here if you haven’t yet.