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Bella Confirms New Music, Announces Live Set

Hours after the release of ‘Tu Tera Dekh’, Dehradun-bred Bella made a slew of announcements starting with new music and followed by a live set announcement. The ‘Humble Poet’ confirmed that ‘Tu Tera Dekh’ was “only the beginning of phase 2” and a “straight-up revolution” is in the works. The iconic emcee took to Instagram to make the announcement.

Bella has further announced that he’ll be performing in Pune on December 31st. While the emcee fell short of revealing much details at first, the rapper quickly followed it up with another announcement and has confirmed that he is slated to perform at Pune’s Marketyard. Notably, Bella’s live set announcement comes just weeks after he performed in Jaipur.

Earlier this year,  Bella released a tour life video over Astroworld. The single – perhaps, named after Travis Scott’s third LP ‘Astroworld’ – was released on February 11th 2021.

Check it out here if you haven’t yet.