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Bella Drops His Third Music Video this November

Dehradun-bred Bella, often referred to as M-Zee Bella – has released his third music video this month. Titled ‘Jhuth Hai Maa?’, Bella released the autotune-heavy single on Friday which seemingly features ad-libs inspired by Houston’s iconic emcee Travis Scott.

Watch the music video for ‘Jhuth Hai Maa?’ below.

Notably, Bella signalled a return to his old ways when the ‘Humble Poet’ released Champion under the M-Zee Bella banner. “My next track, then another track, then another trend” Bella raps over the self-produced record.

Between ‘Champion’ and the recently released ‘Jhuth Hai Ma?’, Bella released a tour life video over Astroworld. The single – perhaps, named after Travis Scott’s third LP ‘Astroworld’ – was released on February 11th 2021.

Bella’s music spans two self-produced studio albums, ‘Glory of God’ and ‘God Made Me the Greatest’, and hit singles such as ‘Humble Poet’, ‘Narco’, ‘Fly High’ and ‘Sweet Poison’. Listen to Bella’s leading LPs here if you haven’t yet.