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Breaking: British Emcee Central Cee Releases Classic Grime ‘CC Freestyle’ Escalates Beef With Digga D

Photo: Central Cee

British rap superstar Central Cee, born Oakley Caesar-Su, has premiered his flagrant “CC Freestyle”. The hard-hitting two-and-a-half-minute provocation, which samples the British classic “I Have Nothing” riddim by grime producer Flukes, captures Cee at his crib in West London as he takes lethal jabs at imprisoned rapper Digga D.

Notably, the “CC Freestyle” differs from the single Cench previewed amidst Ramadan. At the time, the “H.Y.B” rapper assured his fans that a sophomore single was well on its way.

However, a diss against Digga D, that too over a timeless grime production, wasn’t anticipated by ardent British rap fans.

“Surrender your flag ’cause you’re not no Crip
Don’t be angry at me that you got no hits
You could go ends and they all know Cench
You can go ends and they might know you
Try leave London and cross the bridge and ask who he is and they got no clue
I’m a millionaire, bro, what about you?
F— the drill, that’s not what I do, huh
I trapped and it changed my life
You trapped and all that you got was blues,
” Cee raps over the incendiary freestyle.

“They book me in LA, they book you in Leicester,” Cench raps further.

Watch the hard-hitting “CC Freestyle” below if you haven’t yet.

Notably, this is the second instance where Digga D has been dissed by a British emcee this week. Besides the “Entrapreneur” rapper, ArrDee dissed Digga on “If The Shoe Fits (Freestyle)”.

In other news, infamous West London rapper Fredo has premiered the “Top G” single – his first single since Dubai prison release.

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Since you’re here, stream ‘Entrapreneur’ single by Central Cee via Spotify.